Pareto Analysis

As you start to isolate problems within the manufacture process it is important to use analysis tools that help you verify solutions and identify possible courses of action. There are many tools or processes to do this but one of the most common tools used in the...

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Ishikawa Diagram

Often referred to as fishbone diagrams,The Ishikawa diagram was created by Kaoru Ishikawa that show the causes of a specific event. Common uses of the Ishikawa diagram are product design and quality defect prevention to identify potential factors causing an overall...

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The 5 Whys Tool

The first and most prevalent tool for defining the root cause of problems is the 5 Whys (or Five Whys, or 5Y). This method is especially popular in manufacturing, where the main concern is often productivity and efficiency — maximizing production rate and minimizing...

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Root Cause Analysis

In this series of blogs we will explore the concept of ‘Root Cause Analysis’, its implementation and tools for its implementation. Many of our clients have asked how we diagnose machines and problems we encounter out in the field. They are often looking for solutions...

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5. Sustain | The 5s System

Sustain in the 5S system is the final step in implementation and helps maintain the system for the life of the facility. Previous steps should now be embedded into daily operations. Sustaining them keeps 5S functioning efficiently and providing maximum facility...

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4. Standardize | The 5s System

The backbone of the 5S System is Standardize. This step helps facilities program previous steps into routine tasks. Standardizing steps also helps create uniformity in the workplace so 5S duties are seamlessly integrated into daily, weekly, and monthly work schedules....

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3. Shine | The 5s System

This step refers to the critical cleaning and basic maintenance duties workers incorporate into their daily routines. Once in place, Shine becomes an invaluable organizational step integrated into daily work routines. Clean It Up A poorly kept workplace is a clear...

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2. Set In Order | The 5s System

Once Sort is complete, 5S team leaders can begin to move forward on a more comprehensive system of organization. Known as Set in Order, this step is dedicated to helping a facility find permanent storage locations for every item and visually identifying their...

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1. Sort | The 5s System

In 5S, Sort is the first step in implementation. The goal is to evaluate all facility inventories and tools so needless items, redundancies and hazards can be sorted from the work area. Workers will need to be trained for red-tagging. Sort’s value to the workplace and...

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