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In the field of drilling, the CASTEL of FPT, has undoubtedly been in recent years the reference of innovation both in terms of design concept profile construction worldwide. These factors once again make this machine another extraordinary object of FPT house, which has no equal currently in the market in its class. Conceived from the outset following criteria and revolutionary conceptions, the CASTEL spread over a unique structure of the upright which integrates the traverse wagon. In addition, the head spindle reaming runs centrally in the middle of the upright and is guided by both parties; this choice also expensive in terms of production, but high-class in terms of results. As a result of unapproachable rigidity for the other traditional concept boring, qualities that are transformed in practice in high removal capacity and especially in precision and quality can not be obtained by other finishing. The CASTEL is integrally produced in modern factories FPT located near Venice (I), by highly specialized and equipped with the equipment and highly advanced control methodologies technicians. Added to this is that the machine is handled by powerful management and control software designed by FPT in collaboration with leading CNC manufacturers. We cite one for all: Autocal, which you will find on the following pages. Even the CASTEL , as all FPT production, can be equipped with many of our original accessories, from automatic universal heads including the extraordinary continuous positioning version every 0,001 degrees, the big automatic boring heads; all equipped with accessory devices for the automatic transmission, and eventual deposit of programmed lateral accessories warehouse. FPT provides that the heads are intended as autonomous machines, for which each of them is equipped internally with all the necessary devices for both handling and for the control. Even in these choices FPT is distinguished in the world manufacturers scene. Wide choice of milling heads which allows to meet all the more difficult processing requirements. The TUPC, automatic universal head with continuous positioning, allows flats and punctures with any angle of inclination. The system for automatic head change allows great flexibility in the bath and automation.


DINOMAX is a movable cross-machine Gantry type, appropriate for both heavy removal machining that high-speed finish.

The optimization of structures, obtained by the most advanced FEM analysis and the use of latest-generation transmission systems with linear motors, combine the high productivity needs with those of flexibility and accuracy, and determine a new reference point industry.

A special configuration package also allows the use of DINOMAX for the machining of complex gears, medium or large in size, with accuracies and finishes typically reserved for grinding machines for teeth.

A security encasing encloses the work area on 4 sides, the loading of the workpiece takes place through large front sliding doors. The system can be completed with an upper protection system of movable type with automatic opening by means of electric actuator. The automatic transmission of the heads is possible with both configurations and guarantees, without compromise, the maximum flexibility of use and the best performance for both roughing and finishing.

According to the FPT philosophy, the control of the thermal drift is run both through the thermostabilization of internal heat sources, which according to a thermo-symmetric model, allowing to follow the variations in temperature of the piece in a synchronous manner.

The product DINOMAX can be customized with a wide range of options and solutions, which allow to meet the most specific demands for use in the fields of aeronautics, energy industry components, in mechanical machining of high precision and in the construction of molds and models for style centers.


The TESSEN is a moving column milling machine which has been entrusted with a very important mission: to revive the successes achieved worldwide by milling LEM model moving table. In line with the last production of innovative mobile upright milling machines such as Ronin and Verus, also TESSEN develops the concept of a fixed machine table and mobile column, with some very important particularity. TESSEN is equipped with a large base which integrates the longitudinal sliding guides of the upright with the support surface, the whole generously dimensioned. In addition, while allowing to exploit the entire vertical and horizontal processing light, the longitudinal axis of the base movement guides are placed on an inclined plane at a smaller distance from the work surface, thus providing the maximum reaction to the thrust of the work and ensuring the greater rigidity. The upright is large and built in a double, symmetrical monoblock structure, hosts the center space for the sliding of the vertical slide door wagon. The mast moves directly on the base without the need for additional sliders. This solution guarantees maximum rigidity, sensitivity and accuracy in any operating situation. The vertical carriage is also a closed symmetric block structure, on which are accommodated the 4 transverse sliding guides of the slide, ensuring maximum rigidity and precision of both thermal and mechanical behavior. The slide, appropriately sized and pre-loaded, has a completely closed structure on all 4 sides to ensure a tenacious and constant response to mechanical and thermal stresses. Its movement is obtained with guides 4, optimizing the vertical movement risultanti. La transmission performance Z, occurs through two high-precision synchronous recirculating ball screws and a double balancing system along the entire stroke. The transmissions of the X and Y axes are obtained by means of special ballscrews, with a rotary screw and nut preloaded. This technology chosen by REM represents the most sophisticated and performance that exists today, and is a guarantee of great performance obtainable from a car in this segment. Another qualifying choice of TESSEN is to adopt standard on special leveling micrometer base instead of common and economic ties with nut adopted by the competing machines: all with large maintenance safety of precision values over time, and in any case with great ease and precision in the periodic maintenance and inspections. The TESSEN is equipped as standard with universal automatic head 2,5 ° x2,5 °, 360 ° x360 ° or continuous positioning in space with 0.001 ° resolution. Alternatively, it can be equipped with universal head DD (Direct Drive) with spindle. Mototesta with new design and high performance 25 kW – 380 Nm – 7,000 g / 1 ‘, fully air-conditioned, decreases to a minimum noise and heating, allows to exploit to the maximum all the characteristics of rigidity and dynamics of the machine, ensuring accuracy absolute positioning. Also required are very limited maintenance than conventional systems. These important performances have been obtained by REM engineers always keeping in mind the fundamental exigencies of the operators in terms of improved working conditions, loading, tooling and control on TESSEN , both during single, multiple and commuters. They are installable addition, various tool magazines solutions, controlled and automatic dividers rotary tables.

Protected Species

SPIRIT, is the range of hydrostatic boring incorporating the spirit of FPT and expresses the great potential in terms of innovation. FPT SPIRIT sums up the experience of the big hydrostatic machines Technology, which has designed and installed around the world in recent decades, being able, once again, to determine the new point of reference in the sector. The boring SPIRIT are equipped with Ram completely closed on all four sides, which slides inside a wagon also perfectly closed embracing the ram in a comprehensive manner, optimal solution in terms of stiffness and symmetry. The new sliding system BHB (Boosted Hydrostatic Bearings), adds to the obvious advantages in terms of reliability, wear resistance and typical damping capacity of the hydrostatic technology, the optimization of the rigidity performance and speed of scrolling of the linear axes. All the SPIRIT range is characterized by the exclusive hydraulic-dynamic balancing system of vertical and transverse movements, to replace the old concept mechanical counterweight; such a system, already patented by years, has been further improved. The BHB system and the particular constructive morphology of the wagon and ram, combined with the MACHES (Multi Axis Control Hydrostatic Electronic System), which is already a few years mans Big FPT boring machines, provide outstanding performance in terms of precision machining and removable power also in the vertical and transverse limit positions.

SPIRIT, the range of boring towards the future, that meet the needs for the next decades working in the fields of Energy, Mechanics and Shipbuilding Heavy. Wide choice of milling heads which allows to meet all the more difficult processing requirements. The TUPC, automatic universal head with continuous positioning, allows flats and punctures with any angle of inclination. The system for automatic head change allows great flexibility in the bath and automation.


RONIN EVO is a horizontal milling machine with movable column, capable of responding to a wide range of processing requirements for the molds and dies, aerospace and general engineering. Thanks to its innovative morphology and to sizing obtained with calculation tools assisted, RONIN EVO ensures exceptional values of static and dynamic stiffness, the determining factors to achieve high-speed machining and acceleration, coupled with high accuracy in finishing and contouring operations. RONIN EVO‘s structure is made entirely with special cast iron and is distinguished from other products for the symmetry of the guide systems with respect to the movement axes and the termosimmetria in the transverse-vertical plane. The monolithic type pillar to lowered suspension and the slide rectangular variable cross-section, together with the 4-rail system for both the VERTICAL axis to the slide, ensure maximum optimization of stiffness. The extensive configurability of the product, combined with the range of accessories and milling rotary tables FPT production, allow to meet the specific demands of the market and the most particular needs of processing. 2 is better than 3! … do not want to be a slogan, but the representation of the technical solutions developed for this machine. In fact, thanks to the upright structure, which integrates the longitudinal wagon, you get a machine composed of only 2 elements instead of the classic 3: pillar-tank-base. This solution allows a particularly lowered morphology, of which has been filed international patent. The structures of RONIN EVO are all made of cast iron, in order to optimize the damping of vibrations and minimize deformations due to temperature variations. All the castings are subjected to stabilization treatment and the slide and the slide-door wagon using special cast iron spheroidal type to ensure maximum rigidity. Maximum symmetry and balance in the distribution of the masses and forces. Its vertical scrolling is achieved by means of mutually opposite guides 4, particularly rigid solution and able to always maintain the ideal set. The vertical movement provides a solution to double transmission and double balancing system. The optimization of the symmetry of the upright and of driving and transmission systems, makes RONIN EVO the reference point in terms of geometric precision and insensitivity to environmental thermal drifts.

The RONIN EVO, thanks to its revolutionary morphology, saves on foundation costs compared to other machines, in fact requires a simple audience flush with the floor.




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