Machine Type: High power vertical machining centre, with 5 axes
Job Type: Milling
Piece Size: Medium to Very Large
Type of Industry: aerospace, marine, prototype, models & molds
Available Models: Titan 1500 K40/60/80/100/120, Titan 1700 K40/60/80/100/120

TITAN is a highly dynamic 5 interpolated axis milling center with a moving portal making it the perfect solution for intensive milling operations, high-speed machining of titanium, super alloys, high alloy steel, steel alloys and light alloys. This machining center is designed for machining complex 3-D workpieces which require various operations as milling, boring and tapping satisfying the production requirements across a broad range of applications in the aeronautical, energy, die manufacturing and precision engineering industries.

Machine Type: High performance vertical machining center, with 5 axes
Job Type: Milling
Piece Size: Medium to Very Large
Industry Type: aerospace, marine, prototype, models & molds
Available Models: Flymill 1000/2T DD HD K30/45/60/80, Flymill 1300/2T DD HD K30/45/60/80

The FLYMILL HD range offers two models – FLYMILL HD 1000 and 1300 – and the main difference between these two models is vertical and horizontal travel, 2,500mm and 3,500mm, whereas longitudinal travel for the models start at 3,000mm. The amply dimensioned table, structural rigidity and operational travel distances allow these machining centers to operate in a single area or in a shuttle configuration, linear axis speed is 40m/min and can reach up to 60m/min.

Machine Type: High speed vertical machining center with 5 axes
Job Type: Milling
Piece Size: Small & Medium
Type of Industry: aerospace, automotive, prototype, models & molds
Available Models: Xceeder 900/900 RT, Xceeder 1200/1200 RT HD

XCEEDER is a range of high-speed machining centers designed and developed by Breton S.p.A to satisfy demanding machining requirements across various industrial applications such as the aerospace industry, precision engineering and die manufacturing. The gantry structure, Metalquartz technology, rotary tilting work table with direct drive are significant and innovative features ensuring a high production output and performance enclosed in a compact design. The improved structural rigidity compared to a conventional metal or engineered polymer structure is designed to absorb up to 10 times more vibrations offering high machining performance when milling complex workpieces with 5 axes. The thermal symmetry of the machine structure and thermal stabilizing system ensure maximum machining precision when operational and production conditions vary.




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